Milton E. Teske, Harold W. Thistle, Richard C> Reardon, David C. Davies, Gerry Cormier, R. Scott Cameron, Monique Y. LeClerc and Anandakumar Karipot
Continuum Dynamics, Inc.

SERG Project #2002/03
Year of Project: 2002
Paper Published: 2006



Journal of ASTM International, Vol 3:168-176 (2006)

An extensive data set generated with a highly instrumented aircraft provides 0.2-s interval data of aircraft and mechanical release system behavior during aerial application. These unique data previously provided an excellent source of information on the variability of aerial application parameters along individual flight lines and enabled a sensitivity analysis to bound the variability in the expected deposit patterns. They also showed how this variability might impact error bounds established around the time-averaged predictions generated by the AGDISP model. This paper quantifies the variability in drop size distribution generated by the rotary atomizers and makes suggestions with regard to possible implications of this variability on the variability of deposition predictions across any spray application involving their use. The measured variability may not be unique to rotary atomizers as a sensitivity study of hydraulic atomizers gives similar results.